Meditation: compassion and healing

article from the World Family Yoga newsletter, autumn 2007

Christine McArdle OquendoClose your eyes gently and begin to take a few deep, nurturing and cleansing breaths. Moving out any stale air in your lungs, invite in fresh and clean oxygen to inspire you. After a few breaths, bring your inhalations and exhalations back to their normal rhythms and allow your body to relax and simply enjoy the breath. We are going on a little journey now.

You are all alone and wandering through fields of wild flowers, or along a sandy beach. Most likely each of us will be somewhere different, by a lake, river or stream, in the middle of a great mountain range. in your own back yard. No matter where you are, allow yourself to be escorted there; there is a reason you have been brought here. You have something to accomplish there.

Pause and take a look around, notice. notice where you are, what you see and how you feel. Is it morning, noon or dusk? Is it windy? Is it warm? Are there any strong scents in the air? Any sounds? Feel it all freely. Suddenly you find yourself drawn to a certain area, a light, a sound, something draws you there you turn and walk and realize that there is someone there that needs your help. It may be an animal or a person. Whoever it is you know that you have something to offer them, you can help them. You allow your instincts to take over and you watch yourself helping them in whatever way they need. You act swiftly and with care. Soon the person is well again and they look deeply into your eyes and thank you. You feel a wonderful sensation inside. You will not forget this person nor this act of kindness and generosity.

You stand up and begin to walk slowly away from the scene and it all begins to fade. Come back to your breath, feel each inhalation and each exhalation as they travel through you. I am going to count to 5. When I am finished, slowly allow your eyelids to open.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 

- Christine McArdle Oquendo