Peggy is a now a certified Anusara Yoga instructor

article from the World Family Yoga newsletter, summer 2007

Peggy Profant, certified Anusara Yoga instructorTwo years ago I was at the John Friend Teacher Training where I had met Christine, co-founder of World Family Yoga and our brilliant children’s yoga teacher. It was a powerful week filled with a deeper understanding of the teachings of Anusara and how to share them with others. It was at that time that I knew I was on the path to certification. It was the journey to certification that excited me. I had been teaching for 8 years already and learned a lot from Anusara teachers, but to commit to certification meant I would study more with John Friend, the genius master teacher and founder of Anusara® and I would learn more about this fascinating approach to yoga. I traveled to meet John in New York for another fabulous teacher training, Cincinnati for Therapy training, Paris, Hawaii and recently Park City for immersions and weekend workshops here and there. Much gratitude to my husband, Albo who held down the fort with the kids while I was away.

Now with the hours acquired, it was time for me to complete all the required reading ( an ominous stack of books) to prepare for the 30 hour test. That completed, I slotted out 10 days in the Fall when the kids were back in school, so I could take the test. It was an enjoyable experience that deepened my knowledge of the teachings. Now for the agonizing part, producing a video of me teaching a class. I took it as a personal challenge to be natural in front of the camera while knowing I would be scrutinized by the powers that be. After the first three flops, I finally pulled one off that I felt could pass. It was close, but I still needed to show a couple of things I could do before I passed. So I prayed, I called in Ganesh, the remover of obstacles and did a meaningful class with the theme of facing our obstacles. I felt empowered that I finally did a class that I felt represented my teaching and it passed! After a final interview and review of my test I was granted certification on May 21.

So now what? Funnily, it feels bigger than receiving my Bachelors degree. Perhaps because it’s a path of more heart. Or maybe because it was scarier to pull off that video than to get the grades. Any way, technically I can lead Anusara Immersions and Anusara Teacher Trainings, and anyone aspiring to become certified in Anusara can count the hours of study with me towards their required hours. It’s an honor to be a part of a community of 195 teachers in the world that have such status. There are still 700 people out there on the path to certification. Aside from all that, it just feels good. Certified. It’s a nice word. It’s like an anchor that roots me to the earth, a proclaiming of competency.

My beloved family and a few friends threw me a surprise congratulations party the other day. I returned from teaching my morning class and they jumped out of the closet throwing scarves and balloons in my face. A champagne brunch awaited. After brunch I was presented with a hilarious theatrical skit where my husband put on a leotard, beads and a long blonde wig (he actually looked quite beautiful!). He was Meggy the yoga instructor and my two children came in as the ridiculously obnoxious yoga students. I laughed so hard I cried.

I feel very blessed for the support I received from my family and friends for this and I will continue to be a joyful student and celebrator of life!