Activities of awareness

article from the World Family Yoga newsletter, winter 2007

Here are a few simple rituals (Christine calls them “activities of awareness”) that you might want share with your children throughout this sacred season to make it even more sacred. Rituals can be very powerful and beautiful in your children’s lives, and are often more meaningful to them than you might think. A wise elder once observed that children take ritual very seriously, like “serious play”.

candleCandle Gaze – Find a few minutes, maybe just before bed time, to light a candle together and just simply sit in silence together, gazing at the candle’s light. Follow up by sharing what you “see” or “feel” in the flames… You may be surprised at the wonders that lie within!

Ask your children to reflect on where and how they were just one year ago. What do they think they have learned this year? In what ways have they grown? In what ways would they like to grow this coming year?

Christine McArdle Oquendo with her two young yogisTogether review all of the photographs that you and your family have taken this year. Set them up on your computer or if possible on a larger TV screen. From December through December! Laugh, cry, remember…

Talk about what “presents” your children received for the holidays this year. Have a heart to heart chat about what it means to give and receive and the real value of gifts and giving. You may want to choose together an organization or a family that you want to gift in some way, either with something material or by donating your time to aid them in some way.