Zwischen den yaren

article from the World Family Yoga newsletter, winter 2007

Peggy and her husband AlboThere is a term I learned from my German husband called zwischen den yaren, meaning “between the years”. It is the time between Christmas and New Years, a time to reflect on the past year and envision the year to come. We are still in the dark days of introspection, the time of renewal. The seeds of our dreams and desires lay dormant, awaiting the promise that the returning light will bring.

I have just recently left the yoga teaching job I had for over ten years. I taught in a health club, which worked out very well for me during the early years of raising children. I would just show up and share my love of yoga with my students there. There was no effort in advertising, and it was very safe and easy. I also made some wonderful contacts there and loved watching my students progress along the yogic path.

winter sceneNow as I am between years I am also between jobs. I am following a dream of opening a studio with two other wonderful women in my community of Arcata, California. As these seeds are awaiting germination, I will take my children down to Costa Rica for seven weeks of heaven. My children’s school is very good about valuing the education that travel brings, so I will be joining Christine in schooling our kids in yoga, science and nature, culture, language, history, you name it.

Of course we will be sandwiching these study times between two World Family Yoga retreats which gives me a sort of container for my time spent there. While I admit I am extending and luxuriating in this zwischen den yaren, this time between years is important to integrate the past and build upon intentions and dreams for the future. When I return to my beloved home in the Northwest, we will shortly begin opening doors for a new and exciting adventure as studio owners of Om Shala Yoga!

I encourage you take this time to pause with your loved ones. Enjoy the fruits of the past year, the great milestones your children have made. What an honor it is to watch them grow. Pause to allow your inspirations and dreams for the future to stir in your family. This is a wonderful time to co-create with your children a world that they will be happy to be a part of.

Blessings to you and your beloveds for the New Year!
– Peggy