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Christine McArdle-Oquendo, co-founder of World Family Yoga

Christine McArdle-Oquendo

Christine was born in New York and grew up in Madrid, Spain. She has her Masters in Education, speaks Spanish, French, English and Portuguese and has taught in both public and private school settings. She has training in Montessori and Waldorf educational styles. Aside from teaching parent workshops for years, she has also taught graduate and undergraduate courses at the university level on Multicultural Education.
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Peggy Profant, co-founder of World Family Yoga

Peggy Profant

Peggy first discovered yoga as a path in her teen years in 1980. Her yoga practice supported her through the University years and she graduted from Humboldt State University with a BA in Environmental Education and a minor in Dance. She went on to spend many years as a naturalist, teaching environmental education and sharing her love of nature with children. This evolved into her work in wilderness therapy programs for teenagers.
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About our programs for adults and children

World Family yoga is committed to children's health and education through yoga and educational programs Quote: Free the child's potential , and you will transform him into the world. - Maria Montessori