A Family Oriented Journey
to the Sacred Valley of the Andes in Peru

November 17 - 27, 2009 with Christine McArdle Oquendo

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A 10 day experience, through the valley from Cusco to
Machu Picchu. An unforgettable family adventure!

Kids' yoga on a family vacation in Peru

We want to offer an experience that quenches our adult thirst for the Peruvian Sacred Valley experience as you enjoy it with your children, watching their imagination and creativity sparked, as their appreciation of other cultures and traditions is sewn. We invite you to transform your family in ways that you can only begin to imagine, with this visit that will emphasize the wisdom, the sacredness and the healing potential that the Andean culture and sites can offer, as well as the beauty inherent in each of us as friends on a journey together.

Days 1 to 3Cusco, Ollantaytambo, Moray

Yoga in Cuzco, Peru
  1. Upon arriving in Cusco we begin our journey just outside of the amazing Incan village, Ollantaytambo, where we will stay for 3 nights at a family run retreat and healing center nestled on a mountainside, overlooking the powerful Urubamba River. There we will be welcomed into the Andean culture and cosmology and are invited to participate in a ceremonial fire offering with native elders and healers at the center. Offerings are made to “Pacha Mama”, Mother Earth and the “Apus”, the Spirits of the Mountains.
  2. The center is a perfect place for families: safe, child-friendly, and plenty of open space for exploring and wandering the foothills of sacred Andean mountains. We will offer daily yoga and meditation classes in the sites circular studio, created on an energy vortex. In Ollantaytambo there will be guided visits to two sets of sacred ruins, both extraordinary examples of the Incan architectural and agricultural genius: Ollantaytambo and Moray. A short visit to Incan engineered salt mines can not be missed.
  3. At all sites, our children will be lost in beauty, local folklore, fantasy and play. In Ollantaytambo, there will also be plenty of time carved into our schedule to wander the town's cobblestone streets and play in the town plaza with locals at any time on your own. In addition, you will have the opportunity to ask for a private consultation with Dona Julia, our hostess, a renowned healer, a Wise Woman, a Keeper of the Andean Plant Tradition.

NOTE: You may find a suitable airline ticket for you and your family to Cusco, via Lima direct. If that is not the case and you choose to spend the night in Lima, we can arrange an airport pickup for you and your family plus hotel, overnight in Lima. We can book your ticket Lima/Cusco, Cusco/Lima and we can arrange to depart from Lima to Cusco together on Saturday, August 8. The price for the Lima hotel, flight and taxi services would be charged to you separately.

Days 4 and 5 Machu Picchu

Machu Piccu seen at a distance in Peru's mountains
  1. On the 4th morning of our visit we will make our pilgrimage to Machu Picchu. For two days you will experience the energy of this sacred site, now officially recognized as one of the Wonders of the World. Our family friendly, experienced guides will introduce us to the wondrous sophistication that this ancient culture held, their deep connection to subtle earth and sky energies.
  2. After exquisite Peruvian meals, we can end each day relaxing under the stars in “Aguas Calientes,” at the hot springs of Machu Picchu village or strolling through the abundant market place. The second day in Machu Picchu is yours, free to visit and hike the site at your leisure or stay in the village to shop or just relax and explore.

Days 6 and 7Pisac

An outdoor market place in Peru
  1. Returning through the Sacred Valley on our sixth day, we will travel to Pisac one of the main villages in the Valley, well known for its powerful Incan ruins where condors are often seen. The outdoor market place in the central square is enormous, bringing a bustling, vibrant pulse to this adored Incan village.
  2. We will spend the afternoon at a local Waldorf inspired local Andean school, sharing and creating indelible memories with the children there. In the evening, parents can choose to participate in a sacred plant ceremony, while the children gather for storytelling and fun with Christine. We will stay in Pisac for two nights, en route to Cusco.

Days 8, 9 and 10Cusco and Sacsayhuamán

Kids practice yoga and play next to stone walls at Sacsayhuaman, Peru
  1. Cusco is a city full of beauty, mystery and charm, the chosen city of the Incan empire, a modern little city, with old world warmth and color. We will enjoy its wonders for three days. Here, amongst other sites, we will visit the megalithic stones at Sacsayhuamán where some legends claim were built by giants, others extraterrestrials. At the temple of the Sun and Moon, you and your family are invited to participate in our final traditional ceremonial offerings with other highly reputable Peruvian Shaman.
  2. Strolling the streets of Cusco is an enormous pleasure, cobblestone streets, impressive Spanish/Andean architecture, Andean music, an international and yet local ambiance. Museums and incredible shops offer extraordinary Peruvian treasures; you may want to stay a few extra days!

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$1620.00 per person, airline ticket
Lima/Cusco/Lima INCLUDED.
1st Child $1250, 2nd Child $1100


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  • Traditional ceremonial offerings and teachings with native elders and healers
  • Guided visits to ancient Incan ruins and majestic sacred sites
  • Anusara®inspired yoga and meditation sessions for adults and separate children's yoga program.
  • Colorful Incan craft and food Markets
  • Flavorful traditional Andean cuisine
  • Our children will spend the morning at an Andean village school!
  • Plenty of opportunities for free time and friends

Travel Itinerary Plan to arrive in Cuzco.


Tuesday November 17
Travel to Cusco. Sleep in Ollantaytambo.
Wedesday, November 18
Ollantaytambo Village and Ruins, Offering ceremony.
Thursday, November 19
Moray ruins and Salt Mines, sleep in Ollantaytambo.
Friday, November 20
Free Day in Ollantaytambo *

Saturday, November 21
Travel to Machu Picchu and guided visit of Ruins.
Sunday, November 22
Free half day in Mach Picchu. Depart for Pisac on evening train.
Monday, November 23
Free morning to explore Pisac on own. Afternoon visit to Pisac school. Optional evening Plant ceremony for parents.
Tuesday, November 24
Morning guided visit of Pisac ruins. Afternoon travel to Cusco.
Wednesday, November 25
Walking city tour of Cusco, including a visit to Cusco food market, plus optional museum visit.
Thursday, November 26
Morning visit to Sacsaywamán, the megalithic stone temple in Cusco. Afternoon free. Evening good bye dinner.
Friday, November 27
Morning flights to Lima.

* On the 11th, if desired, we can organize for you and your family at an additional price, horseback riding tours, river rafting tours and other local visits.

Christine with her sons overlooking Machu Piccu ruins

Christine and her sons at the ruins of Machu Picchu