Our programs for Adults and Children

Our Adult Program

It is the intention of World Family Yoga to provide an Anusara Yoga® retreat that will nourish, replenish and intrigue the adults just as much as it engages and enhances the well-being of the children. It is our mission to provide profound, heart opening and life enhancing yoga sessions for adults. Our instructors are highly trained and experienced teachers who enthusiastically share their love and knowledge of yoga to practitioners of all levels. Through asana, pranayama and meditation, you will be guided into a deep sense of self-knowing where love and your innate joy naturally arises. While we encourage both parents to join the practice, we also encourage everyone to choose whatever life enhancing activity best suits them. In other words, it's perfectly acceptable to choose to hang in a hammock under a coconut tree rather than pursue the various forms of headstand!

Our adult yoga programs are part of every World Family Yoga journey.

We bring the parents and their children together for a family and community practice at different times during our week but we hold to the idea that parents need and want their own time for a rejuvinating daily yoga practice. As parents and practitioners, we understand this! World Family Yoga chooses its retreat centers and their locations for their beauty, cleanliness and environmental/cultural integrity. We also consider the variety of different activities and excursions that they can offer our families all week long.


World Family Yoga's Children's Program

It is our aim, as teachers of World Family Yoga, that each child experience on our retreats a subtle and profound shift of awareness in their bodies and in their hearts. We want them to feel more connected to themselves, to each other, to the natural world and culture around us, and ultimately to something far greater than our limited selves. We design our classes to inspire our children to grow in empathy and compassion toward all beings and experience more deeply the harmony and beauty of life. Our teachers promise to honor each child individually by meeting them where they are in body, mind and spirit and guiding them from that point.

Christine leads a group of children in yoga proactice in Costa RIca. Wherever we travel, kids educational programs are part of the trip.

Our approach to Yoga with children is practicing joyful Anusara inspired Yogasana and pranayama complemented by a variety of yogic activities of awareness. We integrate fun group play and discussion and exciting role play. Children will interact with and observe nature and the culture around us. Through deep guided visualizations and quiet meditations we deepen the inward journey. We honor the cultures that we visit learning a bit of their language and when possible visiting local schools and interacting with local children.

You can also read about Christine's teacher training program if you are interested in teaching children's yoga.

A typical day on one of our
yoga retreats

  • Early morning meditation and pranayama is offered.
  • Morning 1 1/2 to 2 hour inspirational Anusara yoga session for all levels. During this time the children will have a light breakfast and be occupied in an engaging discovery of yoga.
  • A healthy breakfast is served.
  • The rest of the morning is open to leisurely enjoy the surroundings or go on an already planned excursion.
  • Lunch
  • After lunch there will be plenty of free time to play in the ocean, horseback ride, hike or snorkel.
  • Late afternoon we offer a calming, restorative class for the adults while the children meet for a playful discovery of nature, theater games, creative arts projects or inspiring storytelling related to the theme of their day.
  • A delicious dinner will be served.
  • The rest of the evening is available for winding down with music, stargazing or perhaps some native lore.

Children's educational programs are part of every World Family Yoga journey

  • Costa Rica 2006 - Week long theme: Vivan los Chakras! Every day we worked on a different chakra as we weaved their qualities into the wonder of the pristine rainforest and ocean life around us.
  • Children's educational studies include environmental information
  • Costa Rica 2007 - Week long theme: Rainforest Biodiversity and Us... Understanding and Conserving. This year we dove more deeply into understanding the ways of the Rainforest, it's animals and plant life. Aligning our bodies, we aligned more fully with nature and vice versa.
  • Aligning our bodies, we align more fully with nature.
  • Tulum 2007 - Week long theme: Mayan Mythology Through Storytelling and Yogasana. Sydney Solis will weave the mystery and power of this ancient culture into our daily practice of Yogasana in a way that greatly inspires wonder and respect for others and ourselves.