Christine blessed the children with her joyful and loving energy, Peggy graced the adults with her heart-full, rich yoga and Costa Rica showered all with its lush and rejuvenating magic.
- M. Chase Blue Lake, CA

I loved the yoga in the morning - Two hours and the new chakra (new to me) explanations. I loved hearing the waves, day and night. Loved being woke up by the monkey and bird noises early. I think you and Christine are a great duo - and your families are a pleasure - I think you have a great idea going, and i would recommend
you to any families.
- Renee

The children loved all aspects, yoga, story, nature learning, songs, they were so into it all!
It was an absolutely great experience for all 4 of us.
- DK Boulder, CO
As both a local student of Peggy's and a client of World Family Yoga, I feel qualified to attest to her strengths. Classes start with a short talk on the "bigger picture", usually something we are focusing on for that week. Once we start asanas, Peggy talks us through a pose, but not a constant chatter. She allows space for me to find my own way. Her love of yoga and teaching shines through. Right now we are literally filling up the studio. It's almost to the point where, when someone local asks about yoga classes I don't want to mention Peggy's! But Peggy teaches generosity too, so I always do.
- John Haumeder, Arcata, CA

Just stay down, dog
‘til your tongue is pink.
Oh, La Cusinga
Yoga me.
Give me a time
to breathe and squat and think.
Oh, Costa Rica
Yoga me.

Let me feel the heat
the sun
the rain
the sand
the trees
Oh Mother Nature
Yoga Me.

Be with these children
in this special place that’s free.
World Family
Yoga me.

- SP Boulder, CO

Thank you all so much for creating a happy, lasting memory for us!
- SP Boulder, COThe yoga program was really beautiful, I felt a real sense of unity amongst everyone. I enjoyed the mellow afternoon sessions on the beach b/c the baby could be with me, and the sunsets, ahhh! Overall, I felt myself standing on my own two feet, fully inhabiting myself for the first time since my husband got sick in 2004. what a gift.
- A.B. Fieldbrook, CA

WFY song by Nikolas, age 11, sung like a German rock star...

We travel the world doing yoga
It doesn't matter if it rains
We like to go to places,
Like Costa Rica, Peru and Spain
We're World Family Yoga

We travel here and we travel there
It doesn't matter if you've ever done yoga
It doesn't matter what you wear!
So come with us on a journey
to a place you've been dying to go
and see the tropical rainforest
or some beauty that the world has to show.

The yoga will help your body
meditation will free your mind
Making friends will feed your spirit
An experience that's one of a kind!

The place was absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for y’alls energy, wisdom, and heart
- CT Arcata, CA